How Did They Meet???

Turn on that GOSSIP mill here!!!

How did they meet??? Does it, matter? They’re, breaking up already! How did they meet? This, would be, a LAST attempt, to TRY to remember the good times we’d had, isn’t it? But, right now (at this precise moment!!!), I’m so totally, NOT having fun, and, when I’m not having fun, then, someone WILL get into T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!!

as it starts, it’s all, sweet, and sunshine AND summertime, isn’t it???  Not my photo…

How did they meet??? Why would it matter? Oh, they’re, trying, to get back that love, that’s, long ago, lost AND gone, is that it? And, IF the love’s already, DEAD and GONE, how would reminiscing over HOW they met get that love resuscitated? I just, can’t understand it.

How did they meet??? It doesn’t matter now, they’re about to, GO at one another’s THROATS, in that NASTY divorce, AND custody battle, with NEITHER one of them willing, to give even, a MILLIMETER…

and now, here, they are!!!  Not my photo still…

she cries, and he leaves!!!

How did they meet??? Why would it matter anyway? Oh, it doesn’t, it’s just, that from the RING SIDE (Where we all are, on the outside, looking in!!!), it gives a more interesting view to the story is all.


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