Trying to Save His Wife from Dying of Cancer

This, was, a pointless feat, a war, he is bound, to L-O-S-E, but, you can’t blame him for trying, because of the DEPTH of love he carried for his wife!

Trying to save his wife from dying of cancer, he’d realized, that it was, a war, he will lose, and yet, he still couldn’t help, but FIGHT, HARD, for his own wife’s sakes…

Trying to save his wife from dying of cancer, he’d asked the doctors to use the newest treatment procedures, not knowing that his wife was having a hard enough time, barely, living already, until, he saw that look of pain in her eyes, then, he’d, examined his own behaviors: are his attempts to try to save his own beloved wife’s life for his own benefit, or, is it, what’s good for her? He’d battled with the thoughts for so many nights, and finally, decided, to let go of his own wife, because he didn’t want her to suffer any longer!

On the day she died, he sat, right next to her bed, holding her hands tightly, she was, already, unconscious, but, he still felt the heat, from the palm of her hands to his, and so, he’d held the hands of the only woman he’d ever loved, until she’d finally, swallowed her last breath………


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