I Don’t Feel Guilty…

I don’t feel guilty, not the least bit, not for what I’m about to do to you, ‘cuz you’d done the EXACT same things to me back when I needed you the most.

I don’t feel guilty, for DUMPING you, in that GOD forsaken nursing home, after all, I did you one better, I’d, selected, a DECENT-ENOUGH facility that will take care of you, and paid for the fees up front, for an entire year already, which was, a whole lot MORE than you’d ever given me!

not my artwork.

I don’t feel guilty, about leaving, because, I can only BE responsible for my own wellbeing, and NOBODY else’s, and besides, if I don’t take care of ME, who’s gonna!!!  So, I’m, putting myself FIRST this time, unlike in the past, I’d, put everybody else’s needs before my own, and look where that’s gotten me???

So no, I don’t feel guilty, for ANY and EVERYTHING I had done, or am doing, or about to do, because I don’t have ANY guilt left inside of my “systems”, and my guilt’s, all “spent” already, so………

I don’t feel the LEAST bit guilty, because I was, running LOW on the “supplies” from awhile back, and now, I’d, totally, completely, RUN O-U-T, there’s, absolutely NO more GUILT left inside my systems, I’d, purged it all out, a long, long, long time ago.

not my photo.

I don’t feel guilty, and, it’s, wonderful, felt like I’m able to, finally, inhale and exhale freely, for the very FIRST time in my life here……………


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