Taste Every Lie

tasting the lies 的圖片結果the result of swallowing so many lies…

Taste every lie, as they’d turned, sour, and started, burning your tender tongues…

Taste every lie, had you yet? How do they taste? Sweet at first, when you’d, just, placed them inside your mouths, but, they are NOT going to stay sweet forever, they will, turn sour quickly enough, and eventually, become, too biter for you to swallow them!

Taste every lie, I already had, and, they were, force-fed into my body, I couldn’t object to them, I could only, suck them all down, deep, into my body, then, the acid started, rising, from the pit of my stomach, making me gag. Taste every lie, I had, and, with every taste of those nasty lies, I’d felt, the pains of the betrayals I was, forced to endure through.

how someone else’s lies can affect a person, photo from online…

Taste every lie, you think, you can, taste all those lies fed to you by your loved ones, without absolutely, NO repatriations? Think again, they will NEVER, go down that easily, oh no!!!

Taste every lie, and GET use to them, plaguing your life, because they will always BE right there, inside of you, since you were, fed them, as sustenance as a child. Taste every lie, you are now, starting to, feel that bitterness, aren’t you??? It’s expected, and, this time, the bitterness won’t, fade away, so soon, like the sweetness of the lies you’d been, fed…………


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