The Ocean


Insomnia became, my companion, as I first arrived in a foreign place.

In the glowing light of the sunrise, I’d, walked toward the beach.  Took off my shoes, walked across the laws, my pant legs became dampened with dews.  The sparsely flying seagulls in the skies, glided by, brought a yellowed sun on.  The clouds lay leisurely.  I continued onward, passed through the coconut groves, the wind sounded off lazily, some white sand stuck to my left foot, and it’d, tickled.  I’d, extended my own right foot, it was, covered with sand as well.  I bent over, rolled up my pant legs, brushed aside the sand, with the smell of the sea, between my fingers now.  All of a sudden, I’d felt, the corner of my eyes get dried and salty, I’d, rubbed my eyes, and, realized, that there was, a multilayered blue sea clipped onto them.

A Mexican employee was, cleaning the beaches, he saw me, and, flashed that radiance on his face, “Morning!”, I’d nodded to acknowledge him.

“Where are you from?”, “Taiwan.”

photo from the papers…

初抵異鄉。失眠。 梁正宏.攝影the caption said “arrived to a foreign land, having insomnia”…

“Can you see the oceans from there?”, “Sure!”

He seemed satisfied at my replies, and continued working.

Could it be, that he believed, that there’s no foreignness to the oceans?

I glared toward the endless oceans, felt myself opened up even more.

My insomnia slowly, receded, like the tides.

This, is the findings someone has, in a foreign place, and, the narrator seemed to have gained a lot more understandings about his own life, how it relates to the world around, compared to if he’d stayed in his home country, this, is why venturing out into a foreign country is a must.

photo from online…

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