Wish I’d Shown More Care & Concern to the Delivery Lady

not my picture…

On the words I didn’t say…translated…

The personnel who’s responsible for the logistics of our area was a lady with short hair, and because I’d bumped into her every now and then, we’d, struck a friendship up.

In the rule of “stand & deliver”, no matter how large, how heavy the packages, she needed to, deliver them into the hands of the clients; but unfortunate4ly, there was, NO elevator where I lived, only stairs, and so, I’d often seen her, panting like a dog.  And, although she looked awful, but, smile radiated across her face, and, she’d struck up casual conversations with me from time to time too, “the food sent by your mom?  You’d so blessed!”, and, these few short sentences that were exchanged between us, had made us casual friends.

On this day, there was that hoarse, strange voice that came from my intercom, after I’d confirmed it, it was, the delivery lady.  It’s just as I’d opened up my door, I’d heard her coughs from downstairs, and, she’d hauled the loads one by one, with great difficulties, up the stairs.  Back then, it was, as if, someone had, muted me, the words, “Did you catch a cold?  Do take some rest!”, just didn’t, find their ways out of my lips, and, I’d signed for the package, and saw her, stumbled away, leaning on the railings, and suddenly, I’d felt, that I was, a very cold person.

If I can, greet her, with that casual greeting, could I be able to, see that sunshine smile, on her sick face?

showing that simple kindness toward someone who’d delivered your packages, it’s something we can all do, easily…not my photo…

So, sometimes, the words we’d rehearsed for so long, they just, don’t come out at all, perhaps, it’s because of how SHOCKED we became, because the situation was, WORSE than we’d anticipated, and, that, can leave behind, a HUGE regret, because knowing, that your kind words to someone, might have made a difference in the life of another………………


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