Traumatized by Your Lies

I guess, the reason W-H-Y your lies impacted me so very much, was how truthful they sounded to me, they were, heartfelt (or so I’m misled to believe!!!), so genuine, so true!

And, after I’d realized, that they were, nothing but L-I-E, I felt, traumatized, because I’d, put so much faith, into something that wasn’t even real to begin with, or the fact, that I’d, allowed you, to trick me into believing them, I really don’t know…

…this is what lies do, they distort EVERYTHING!!!  Not my artwork.

Traumatized by your lies, I thought, I would never recover, but, time healed me up eventually, and, yeah, it’d, taken me forever (or it’d felt like that long…), to finally start trusting myself, allowing my heart, to lead me where it wanted to go again.

Traumatized by your lies, I will NEVER be again, I’d, inoculated myself, with an anti-venom, and now, your lies will NEVER, EVER, E-V-E-R, get to me!!!

Traumatized by your lies, but, why is that?  Is it, because, you were, too important to me?  Or, I was, too vulnerable, and you just, took advantage of me?  I will NEVER again, be as vulnerable as I had been from before, and, I will NEVER again, be traumatized by your god DAMN lies either.


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