When My Solitude Became Your Loneliness…

I was fine too, just, me, myself, and I (the THREE of “us”!!!), living with my own solitude, when you barged in!  I enjoyed going off on my own, have my personal free time, with just MY own company, but, you’d become, a bit, too clingy than I’d liked…

Surround yourselves with people, but still feeling lonely!  Not my photo.

Soon after you moved in, you complained to me about how lonely you felt, and, I looked around us, and I saw, NO sign of lonely anywhere, and so, I’d told you, to just, WARD it off (like how you’d brush that annoying feeling OFF of your shoulder by pretending it didn’t exist???).

I had always been, very independent, needing NO one to look out for, to take care of me, and, I’d lived on, fine, before you moved in, and now, I’m supposed to what???  Accommodate you, because you are, bombarded, with your own bouts of loneliness?  Uh, hello, I was FINE, before you came along, and now, look at how MESSED up my life became!

let’s be lonely together then…not my photo.

When my solitude became your loneliness, yeah, I guess, I had, enjoyed my own solitude, a tad too much, but hey, can you blame me, for wanting MORE “me time” than “we time”?  After all, I am, just SELFISH like that, always putting my SELF at the number one “slot”, I, am my own PRIORITY, and, I sure as hell, won’t change that about me, because of you!

When my solitude became your loneliness, uh, who’s FAULT is that, huh?  I am, absolutely F-I-N-E and DANDY, living in MY own solitude, you’re the one who’s having issues coping with your own loneliness, so, don’t blame it on me…………………


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