This Sea of Bitterness…

We’d found ourselves, in this sea of bitterness, right, in the midst, of this, nothingness that surrounds us…

This sea of bitterness, it’s hard, to imagine, that we were the ones, who’d, “made” it into being, ‘cuz we both hated bitter things, and yet, this sea of bitterness, was, our own making.  This sea of bitterness, it’d, become vaster and vaster, and, grown bigger and bigger, with each passing second.

…sinking, not my picture.

This sea of bitterness, it just, can’t, and won’t be, conquered, not by me, not alone, I don’t have what it takes, to swim and survive through it alone, and so, I’d, reached out for your hand, and yet, I kept, coming up empty, and, I became, swallowed whole, by this, sea, of bitterness.

This sea of bitterness, yours, not mine, I’d, already had, my own sea of bitterness, and boy oh B-O-Y, did it taste awful too!!!  This sea, was once a love we’d, come to share, and now, all that remained of the once-love, was this, harsh bitterness…………

sank, to the bottom of this sea of bitterness of our own making, not my picture still.

This sea of bitterness, I’d, filled it all back up, with cement, so, the bitterness won’t seep through again, and yet, as I, walked across this place, this sea of bitterness that was once, each step I took, felt, bitterer and bitterer still for some unknown reasons.


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