Held on to One Thought

A philosophical encounter, trekking along, translated…

Saved me out of the realms of the plagues, freed me, onto the fields that keeps me.

Walked up the aged stairs, held my aged worries, I’d drunk on the small-grinded coffees, with the delicate tastes, slowly, disbarred that corral, and, brushed aside what’s taxing my mind temporarily away, or, cast it out completely.  Lost in my train of thoughts, slowly, understood, how some things with the bright and shiny exteriors are actually, rotten on the inside.  I’d paid my respects to these ancient buildings, they’d weathered through the fires of wars, an assortment of disasters, gotten rebuilt again, I’d, patted the walls, and, had a heart-to-heart with it.  I gazed out into the blackened shingles, and, shared their sorrows.

Let’s head out!!!  Photo from online…

There was a businessman who’d invited me to trek along onto the Tea-Horse trails, so I’d gone.  And, the question I’d carried, for so long, is finally, getting, answered.  The horse trekked along that twisting and winding path, and called out to its companions.  I’d ridden my steed emptyhanded, only the horse, was working hard away, climbing up and down, left and right, in and out of the woods, I’d finally understood, that there are, others who are, living, in the midst of the trials of their own lives, what else, do I have to complain about?  The teams of business experts that were imaginary, weren’t they so too?  And, my thoughts turned a corner.

So, this, is on how someone was able to find the way out of the point where they got stuck at, by traveling, and sometimes, we all need a mini-trip like this one, because we’re, stuck in our separate lives’ situations, and, we need to step backward, to see the whole picture, and then, the solutions of our problems would present themselves to us, just like how that path keeps on winding, that we can’t see the end of, but, if we keep going on it, we will, eventually, find the answers we’re all, looking for.


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