The Diner I Owned Is Always Occupied, a Poem


The Diner I Owned is Always Occupied

You are, the Bookcases by the Windows

The Clock that Embellished the Couch and the Walls

photo from online…

The Edges of the Serving Trays, Inside the Chowders

Between the Drizzle Outside and the Air-Conditioning Unit

The Stories Found, Inside the Whirlpool

Formed Between the Stories from the Novels and the Lazy Cat

The Last Order of Specialty for the Day

The Verses of that Luck that’s Graced Me Temporarily Today

That’s Brought This Strong Scent of Sorrows After It’d Gotten Sung

what’s going on in the back of the diner, not my photograph…

Always on My Mind

I’d Sat, for Fifteen-Minutes, an Entire Afternoon, and a Day

Heard You Spoke

Those Words of Passions

Along with the Stains, that Couldn’t Lie

The poet “paints” a portrait of someone sitting in a crowded diner, with the goings-on of the everyday life all round the narrator, and, there’s that sense of longing, for someone to show the narrator some love, some care, to let her/him know, that s/he is not all alone with nobody to love………



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