Ghosts, Dancing in My Memories

They are, very, graceful, all of them, those ghosts, dancing in my memories…

Ghosts, dancing in my memories, I find it, really hard, to hold on to them, because I’d not wanted, any of it, to slip away, to get away from me.  Ghosts, dancing in my memories, look at how the males, twirled their female lovers around, look at the way that he’d, gazed, deeply, into those, twinkling eyes of hers!

not my silhouette…

Ghosts, dancing in my memories, I can vaguely recall, us being one of the pairs who found each other, through the crowd, and the moment our eyes met, it was, magical, wasn’t it???  Then, what happened?  Oh yeah, we’d, TIED that knot, and, settled down, to this life, that’s, way too ordinary, way too BORING, and, romance, well, it got, slaughtered, along the way!

And now, there are, only ghosts, dancing, in my memories, but hey, so long as those ghosts don’t act up, don’t start making those noises too loudly, they and I will, coexist, peacefully, I suppose………

not my photograph…



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