The Incredible Madrid


Turns out, that “The Incredible Madrid” was, more than a song.

As I’d gone on a self-help trip with my daughter to Europe, I’d walked on the streets of Madrid in the evening, and all of a sudden, came, “Brushed by the Spring Breezes”; I’d been away from home for two months now, I was, so surprised, to hear that familiar tune, I’d followed the music, to find out who was playing.  As I trekked on, I saw, a sturdy man, playing, and at this time, he’d changed the tunes, to “The Four Seasons”.

I stood at the street corner with my daughter, enjoyed the music, and, at the end of the man’s songs, we’d, given him some change.  As I was, placing the money into the box he’d placed before him on the ground, the elderly performer inquired, “Are you from Taiwan?”, I was, stunned, I would’ve, never guessed, that he was, from Taiwan.  With that animated look on his face, the elderly, who didn’t look over eighty had, stopped his playing, and started conversing with us.

street performers in Madrid 的圖片結果photo from online, astreet performer, lavitating in Madrid…

Turns out, he’d gone to Taiwan as a teenager, went to military academy, as well as teacher’s college, after he’d retired, he’d gone to the States to live with his own children, and, traveled around the world, and, decided, to settle down in Madrid, even his kids, his grandkids too, immigrated to Spain alongside him too.  Other than the saxophone, he’d also played the violin and piano, it’s just, that the other two instruments would be harder, to play on the streets, so, he’d only performed on his sax.

The elderly man said, that the music he played, was very different in style from the local music, and so, the locals loved it, and, the shop owners are very happy, that he’d, started, playing in front of their shops too.  As we’d kept conversing, it was, time for the shops to close, and, the owner of the shop, before he’d closed and locked up, he’d, said goodbye, especially, to the elderly.

The evening winds in Madrid in January, were, icy, and, standing outside, in the cold weather, playing the saxophone, may have been, way too harsh for anybody, but, not for this elderly in his eighties, he was, quite, enjoying it, song after song, he’d, basked himself, in the beautiful music every single evening.  The elderly said, that he’d, fought hard, to perform on the streets in the evenings with his family members; the son worried that he’s too old, that something might happen to him, was against him playing on the streets in the evenings, but, he’d felt, he was, still, very strong and able-bodied, that he’d gotten, too bored, locked up, inside the house all day long, that becoming a street musician can help him stretch out his own body, and, playing the sax, can train his vital capacity too.

street musicians in Madrid 的圖片結果photo from online…

I’d asked him if he was cold?  He’d shown off his army coat he’d brough over from Taiwan, said, that it was, practical, and warm, that it’d, helped him weathered through so many winters in Europe, that things made in Taiwan are the best.

Maybe, it’s how long, he’d not, bumped into people from Taiwan, the elderly couldn’t stop conversing with us, although we’re, afraid that he might, get too cold, wanted him, to head home earlier, but, we kept finding more to talk about, in the end, we’d held the conversations, for two WHOLE hours.  As I’d, taken off my gloves, to shake his hands goodbye, I’d realized, that his hands were already, freezing cold; but, although both our hands were cold, our hearts were, however, warmed up.

Madrid was, totally, incredible all right!

So, this, is due to this need for connection, with someone who spoke the same language as you, kinda like how I felt that scent of familiarity when I see foreigners here, or how when I saw Asians in the States (N-O-T!!!), because bumping into these individuals remind you of home, especially when you’d lived away from home all those years…



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