Those Black-and-White Memories…

They were all once, in high-definition color, then, slowly, they’d, faded, to gray, then, to nothing but black AND white…

look how in love they were???  and, unfortunately, this still, won’t last forever!!!  Not my photograph…

Those black-and-white memories, how, did they become, so faded, huh???  Can’t we just, remember those, better days we’d shared, to bring the colors back again?  Those black-and-white memories, they’d, become, so heavy, and, I can, no longer, carry them with me, wherever I’d go, so, I’d, left them, in a HUGE pile, by the side of the roads, with, absolutely ZERO (that’s 0, for those of you who can’t “translated”!!!) desires, OR intentions, of EVER coming back again!

Those black-and-white memories, they signified this love that’s already, faded, and, no amount of refinishing touches we’d put on them will, bring them back, into their, original hi-def color days again.  Those black-and-white memories, maybe, they were, meant, to fade out, like this love I used to feel for you, and now, I just, don’t feel, a single THING when I think of your name……boy, am I, cold or W-H-A-T???

 not my photo still…



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