Walk Towards the Left, Walk Towards Me

On finding love, and the timing of love, translated…

The way that mothers worried about their daughters’ marriage, is just as the article, “My Fourth Matchmaking” from the book, “The Journey of Love”, and my mother is, exactly like that too.

After I’d started working after graduating college, my mother would listen to me pour my heart out on the stresses of my work, and would prod about if I was seeing someone.  And, on the holidays, as the family, relative, friends gathered up, she’d struck up casual conversation with those we know, if they’d known a couple of fitting young men?  Some of the elders heard my mother’s hidden messages, and started giving the recommendations of so-and-so’s sons are very good or whatever, then, my mother would prod further, ask about the man’s occupation and age, and his family background, etc., etc., etc., tried to coax me into the blind dates.

walking towards each other without ourselves knowing…not my photo.

I’d kept using how busy work was as my excuse, or that I’d added the men as my FB contacts, and held those three to four lines’ worth of conversations, then, logged off.  But, with my age getting into the thirties, all my excuses can no longer, kill my mother’s passion about getting me married, she’d sent a man to wait at the café on the first floor of my office.  “All you need to do is head downstairs, you got NO excuse now!”, my mother was gloating.  I’d become, speechless, thought, I can’t keep on, blowing my own mother off, I’ll just, go meet with him once, then, I’ll just, make the excuse of how unpleasant the meeting had been, to reject the matchmaking then.

That very day, I’d found the time, to meet with the guy.  And to tell the truth, I thought I was, already, too quiet, but he was, even shier than I was, and, if this keeps going, then, I may have to wait until telepathy gets invented, to know what he’s thinking, and so, I’d, found a random excuse, to make my exit, and felt apologetic toward my own mother.  And, maybe it’s that something was on my mind, I’d, rammed into someone escaping down the stairs of the fire escape.

That man was, rushing downstairs, and, rammed into me, who’d just, entered into the staircases.  I’d taken two steps backward, he’d nervously asked me if I was injured, I’d, shaken my head no, but, didn’t DARE to say much more, feared, that the man I was set up with, was watching from behind me.  But, as I rushed upstairs, I’d walked toward the right to evade him, and he’d, taken a step toward his left, and BAM!  We’d, run into each other again.  The few seconds, was like a scene from some drama, we’d walked toward the left and right, stopped at the same time, looked at one another, waiting, for each other, to make the first moves.

love around the corner 的圖片結果just follow the sign!!!  Not my photo still…

At which time, I’d read his name plate, and saw his face, he’d scanned mine too.  It’s odd, that we’d, bumped into one another, quite a lot actually, in the breakroom, the copy room………we were both, rushing, so we’d taken the stairs, and, our footsteps resonated alongside the conversation we’d carried on in.

Later on, I’d learned, that he was also, dodging a woman who was coming to the office for a matchmaking too, he said, that the woman was already riding up the stairs, so, he’d made his escape down the fire exits.  We were both, running away from our own separate matchmaking, but, we’d, strangely, bumped, into one another and fallen in love, and every time we’d told our friends about it, they’d all said, it was, meant to be!

Maybe, this is, really, meant-to-be, like “The Fourth Matchmaking” in the book, or the title “We Will End Up Happy”, although we’d met up, somewhat, later on in life, the fates still made two people who were fitted for one another meet up just the same.

not my cartoon characters…

This just shows, how you’re NOT supposed to force the love, and, when the timing wasn’t right, the love you’d longed for won’t be anywhere NEAR you, and that love often happens, in the most unlikely places and space and time, and, you shouldn’t hurry yourselves in trying to find the one you’re meant to spend the rest of your lives with anyway!


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