In Pursuits of Her Own Dreams…

She’d come upon, a TON (and that would still be, an understatement!!!) of forks in the road, in pursuits of her own dreams…

In pursuits of her own dreams, she’d tuned out, those naysayers, those voices that told her she couldn’t achieve, and, it was hard, ‘cuz for a very long time, those cacophonies were, all that she can hear!

“We have a problem here…”

In pursuits of her own dreams, she’d, left the expectations of others behind, at first, those noises from outside got too loud, to the point that it’d, caused her to put her dreams on hold, but, after she’d, had time to reflect, on what it is that drives her, what it is that she wanted, out of life, she’d, gained momentum again.

In pursuits of her dreams, her dreams became, too far out of reach, it’d become, next-to-impossible, to balance the realities, how she was draining her bank accounts dry, and the pursuits of what she wanted to do, she’d ended up, putting her dreams on hold, and, she’d just, put all her dreams in that drawer of her desk, closed it, then, locked it all up…

She never imagined, that dreams were so hard to reach, she’d never thought, that reality was going to be the one, to bring her down, she never imagined, that she would, end up, living, in the constant pursuit, of her own impossible dreams!


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