The Love in Education

Because of how kind the teacher had been to his students, and now, the students are, reciprocating the kindness back, to his family members, after he’d passed away, translated…

Not Long Thereafter, He’d Called Out to the Students from the Hsiao Class, and Told Everybody about Teacher Huei’s Situation, and, Changed How They’d Referred to His Mother, Called Her “Mom” Too, Treated Her as Their Mom Too…………

Planted a seed, expected it to grow; planted a kind thought, and, waiting, for it, to spark more acts of kindness.  Huei and his student, Hong, were the perfect example of this statement.

埋下一顆種子,期盼它發芽;種下一個善念,等待它能誘發更多的善。阿輝和他的學生阿肱...the instructor as the gardener, with his students as the plants, picture from the papers…

Huei’s Teaching by Example

That year, I taught with Huei in the middle school department of a private middle school, he’s the homeroom instructor of the Hsiao Class, and I was the physical science teacher for their class.

Life in the private schools is nothing like teaching in the public schools, the homeroom instructors’ offices ARE their homeroom classes, interacting with the students every single day, and, the time these instructor spent with the students were more than the time the students’ parents spent with their own young.  And, so, the instructors’ actions and words, also had enormous effect on the students’ life.

I’d quietly observed as Huei interacted with his class, and found, that he’d stood, like a giant, in front of the class, very strict and authoritarian; and, he’d also, interacted with his students like an older brother.  His ten-year-old car, had carried the endless laughter of him and his students, ran from the school and the basketball courts, showing their supports to the teams, sharing the wins and losses alongside the players.

Maybe, from the moment we’d stepped into the campus, it’d confirmed that the end was, coming.  At the end of the three-year teaching terms, no matter how wonderful the relationship between the students and teachers, it all must, come to a halt, and, we all must, part ways.  A few years later, Huei and I both, tested into public school teaching posts, and left that private high school, and, although we’d worked at different schools, we’d still call each other up from time to time.

A little over a decade ago, I’d heard the bad news of Huei’s death, because of his liver sclerosis, other than feeling sad over the losses, I’d cherished working alongside him, teaching the students even more so, and, I’d learned, how to give everything I can, to help my students from him.

photo from online…

Gong’s Thoughts of Kindness

One time on the weekends, my wife and I went to have breakfast at a shop nearby, as I went to get the checks, the store clerk jokingly told me, “It’s so nice being a teacher, your student had, paid for your bill already!”, before I can understand what just happened, I’d heard a bright, “Good morning, sir!”, it’d pulled me back to over twenty years ago.  Gong appeared before me, and was, walking towards me.

We’d started talking about the old times, and exchanged our FB and LINE information, he’s still very pleasant, full of smiles, but, as I’d told him about Huei’s death, that scent of sadness and sorrow, wiped away his smiles quickly.

Before he could find anything to say, I’d, patted him gently on the shoulders, and told him, to give Huei’s mother a call every now and then.  Without realizing, that my simple request, had helped Hong’s continued acts of kindness that followed.

Not long thereafter, Hong had rounded up ALL the classmates from the Hsiao Class, and told everybody about what happened to the homeroom instructor, and changed the way they called the teacher’s mother, they’d started calling her, “Mom”, and treated Huei’s mother like she was their own mother too.  And now, “Mom’s birthday” became their get-together, and, they’d not missed out on Huei’s children’s coming of age too: the flowers for his children’s graduation, birthday wishes, cakes…………and, this group of big brothers and big sisters had, helped made up for Huei’s kids’ growing up without their dad, and, although Huei’s children couldn’t have him around as they grow up, they’d gotten more love and support from all around.

A short while ago, Huei’s son drew the card for the marines for his service terms, and went to the Longchuan Base to train.  Without a second word, Hong cancelled all of his clients, and drove “Mom” from Sanchong in northern Taiwan to Pingdong in southern Taiwan, one day and back, just too see Huei’s son.  And still, Hong only posted his smiling face, and not taken the credits of being there for Huei’s child.

from online…

I couldn’t help but ask him, what had continued motivating him to keep on giving emotional and social support to the kids?  He’d stated plainly, “Had it not been Teacher Huei’s teaching me, I couldn’t have become the man that I am right now”.

I seemed to understand it a bit, there’s, this love in education, that can, exist forever.

So, this, is how the generations had, benefited from the love and care and concerns of a teacher, because this teacher is very good to his students, after he’d died, his students all came back to give the emotional and social supports to his family members, and, this is how love and kindness can pass down from one generation to the next, and, they’re not even related in anyway genetic here…


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