Every Moment, Unique

The wisdoms from the experiences of a life, translated…

The wind of autumn blew coolly, the flame gold-rain tree turned to shades of gold from green, coupled with, that scent of the cooler weather to come.  With the changes of the seasons, the colors of the plants altered, like how we calculate the years gone by, keep on, marching forward.  If someone asked me from before, “What’s your favorite season?”, without a doubt, I’d answered, “The autumn, because the maple leaves became red with layers, especially, the weather’s turning cooler.”, but now, I’d replied, “all the seasons are fine, they all have their separate kinds of beauties, with the various looks, like how every life, is also, unique.”

the seasons of life, picture from online…

I’d recalled when I was eight, although I’d had nothing to worry about, but, I’d worried, that the boy sitting next to me in class, would have the squids in his mouth, without a single warning, hollered out my name, then, opening up his mouth so I can see.  At age eighteen, although I’d ridden around town on my bicycle, so very free, but, I’d also worried that, with the rates of admission into college at only seventeen, would I, not be able to, get in?  at age twenty-eight, although I’d had the joys of being a mother, but, I’d gotten annoyed, with my child’s cry day and night.

Remembering when I was in college, my journalism instructor was a beautiful AND wife woman, you couldn’t tell, that she is an assistant professor in the university, the editor in the newspaper sections, columnist, with two young children.  One time I went to interview her, she’d said without holding back, “Being young is energetic, but ages thirty, forty, and fifty, are all very good times too, they all have the maturity that we’d lacked when we were only twenty.  Although some would say, ‘having millions of dollars in assets paled by comparison to having youth.’, but, it’s those ‘I was once’ life experiences, that’s made you into who you are right now.”

And now, I’m at the age when I’m needing reading glasses too, with hair growing whiter by the day, and, red lights flashing on my health statuses, my children are adults, but not yet independent, life is filled with trials every day.  But, I enjoyed my job, loved gaining more experiences, and enjoyed, accepting myself as where I currently am in life.  At midlife, we may not have those rosy red cheeks, but, what we have acquired, is the lifelong experiences; we may not have the zests or drives, but, we’d gained that durability, like those camels that trekked across the deserts step, by step.

what it looked, and felt like, growing up and old, not my comic…

Life is like a train, after it’d set out, it’d, run endlessly, toward the end.  As the trains went through the caves in the mountains, no matter what you may see, mountain after mountain, dangerous rock formations, the peaceful oceans, extending into the never-ending skies, or those raging waves, every single moment is unique, and precious, and, they will all be, etched, into the memory book of life.

So, this, is the gaining of life experiences until midlife, and, most people won’t have this sort of an awe about life until they reached midlife, because, when we were younger, we were, way too inexperienced, with a LOT left we are to weather, to learn, to live through, and, as we get older, as things start to, settle down, that, is when we can look back at our lives, and, review over our past moments like this woman had done.


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