Those Faceless Photographs

Those faceless photographs, they’re all, over the walls of the house you grew up in, and, growing up, you’d learned, that you weren’t, supposed to inquire the adults in your life about them, THAT, was the, unspoken rules…

Those faceless photographs, you’d, grown out of them, you’d, moved away, from that old mansion you were raised in, and yet, something, a shadow, perhaps?  Always, tagged along closely behind you, and yet, when you’d turned around, there was, NOTHING there!

…not my photo.

Those faceless photographs, they’re, all that you will EVER have, and, those long-forgot memories, they will, forever, keep you company, even when you want to, ward them all off.  Those faceless photographs, do you not see them?  they were, of your pasts selves, your present selves, and, they show you hidden parts about yourselves, if only, you can, decipher them………

Those faceless photographs, you’re, surrounded by them now, and, there will be more and more of those “ghosts” you’d tried to deny the existence of, and, even IF you denied their existence, they’re still, very much alive, they are, haunting you, aren’t they???




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