Standing Atop the Shoulder of Love

photo from online…

A bird’s eye view of love, translated…

“Every love I’m in, it’d become, an accumulation of love”, you’d told me.

Like love is a sort of knowledge too,

Like love is a set linear development.

But, if this is true,

Then, why would there be idioms like, “No matter how you’d picked, you’d not picked the right one”? and, wouldn’t we, grow more and more intelligent in love based off of this way of thought?

So, how come our love always hit the high winds?

Could it be, that we’d not, studied love well enough, and learned about it completely?

So, standing on the shoulders of love,

Isn’t necessary so that you’ll see farther ahead, deeper into the distance

But by changing an angle

You’ll see a different set of scenes

站在愛情的肩膀上。 圖/張耀仁picture from the papers…

And those scenes are only understood by you AND me

Only you knew

That that willow in the autumn

Is so simplistic

And more than fitting, to be used, to write that love letter

To the most fitting person you’re in love with.

So, the purpose of standing on the shoulders of love, is so you’ll see love as a whole, you’ll be able to, see it more clearly, instead of when you’re at eye level with it, you only see parts of it, and NOT all of it, like how when you’re first in love, you only see the good qualities about the other person, but, after you’d gotten along with the person for a bit, all of her/his faults comes back up to the surfaces, because those faults had always been there, it’s just that in the infatuations stage, you can’t see it, and, by standing on the shoulders of love, it gives you a view of everything that’s happening.


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