The Unsent Love Letters from an Elderly Woman Moved the District Attorney Who’d Drafted it Up on Her Behalf

A woman’s love for her deceased loved one, from the Newspapers, translated…

“Chen, since you’d been gone, I’d missed you so very much by the day, and before I sat down to eat, I’d still, hollered out to you to come eat with me, you need to look after yourself in heaven!”, this was a letter written by an eighty-five-year-old elderly woman, Chung which she couldn’t send, in the lines, the love for her husband transpired, the D.A. from Yunlin who’d helped penned this letter down for the elderly woman, Lee was truly moved by this love that came late in life.

This was also, the elderly woman’s very first “love letter”. It was read aloud in the “Letter from Home” activities in the town of Huwei, by someone nearby to the elderly woman, and, as the letter was read, the elderly’s tears came out of the corners of her eyes, she couldn’t hide how much she’d missed her husband.

三十年前譜出一段黃昏戀曲的阿嬤老淚縱橫向當志工的檢察官訴說自己追求幸福的過程。photo from the papers, the D.A. penning down the letter for the elderly woman.

The elderly woman recalled, that she was dissatisfied with her first marriage, but waited until she was elderly, and all five of her children are already married and started on their separate lives, did she worked up the courage, and got married again, found her own life.

“Chen”, was an unmarried military man in the Air Force, who’d worked alongside the elderly woman thirty years ago in the factories, she’d found, that he wasn’t happy in his marriage, and, from feeling sorry for his life, fell for him. The elderly woman married Chen, who’s over ten years older than she, and they’d called themselves, an “elderly pair of lovebirds”, that although they weren’t well-to-do, but, they had all the happiness in the world.

“We’d never spent a day apart in thirty years, never fought, we loved one another deeply”, the elderly said, wiping away her tears, that Chen had watched over, took care of every detail of her life, and once, she’d mentioned how she loved the chicken wings, and, the very next day, she’d found a bag of fried chicken wings on the supper tables. But for these past two years, the elderly stopped eating the chicken wings, because it’d reminded of the man she loved dearly who’s no longer by her side.

In September of last year, Chen died, she’d missed him every single day, and before the meals, she’d looked at his memorial tablet, or called out to the skies, “Chen, come for your meal!” that way, she’d feel settled having her meals too, “like he’s still, right here beside me.”

The elderly woman lives alone in a house in Huwei, and was looked after by the Huashan Foundation, she’d said, that all of her children and grandchildren live and work away, but are all very wonderful, and would come back home to visit around the New Years’ and the holidays as well.

The District Attorney, Wen-Jie Lee who usually writes out the indictment charges for court, took off his robe and became a volunteer, for the Foundation’s “Letter from Home” activities, and after he’d penned the letter for the elderly woman, he’d heard her say, “hope that Chen get receive this, and know that I miss him every single day………”, he felt moved, and felt, that helping her write down this letter was a very meaningful thing that he’d done.

a letter that’s not sent, from online…

So, you can see, how much love is between this elderly woman and the man she married, and even though he’d passed away, she’d still, carried him in her heart, and that, is the depth of the love shared by this elderly woman and her husband.


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