Bumped into a Dog

Because her previous encounters with a dog wasn’t so pleasant, she’d carried that fear, ALL the way into her older years too, until a dog changed her mind, translated…

Le Feng’s roommate, Jill invited her to her home in Kaohsiung, she’d hesitated for two seconds, because she knew that Jill has dogs, and she’s afraid of dogs, more so than she’s afraid of snakes.  It’s all because how back in the first grade, she’d gone out to play with her friends in the village, gone out to the fields, there were six of them, and, the two male classmates loved playing with Happy, because she’s quick-witted, and comes up with a TON of good ideas.  There were, six of them, the three other kids were the boys and girls from other classes at school.

it doesn’t look scary, does it?  but, for someone with a BAD experience with a dog, you can see how, this can be so fearsome, right???  Not my photo

Le-Le called the five others who were running ahead to a halt, “Look, there is a longan tree inside, the longan is ripened.”  She’d taken them to the forest close by, and picked up a branch of about two meters long.  They tiptoed toward that house that’s isolated in the fields, they’d pushed forth the tallest boy to get the longan.  As the five of them with their heads upward, looking at the tall boy, ready to pry off the branches of a bundle of over a dozen longan fruits, as he was about to twist off the branch, a dog started barking!  A black dog showed up at the turn of the corner, ran toward them fast, the two canine teeth glowed in the sunlight, the six of them ran like the wind.

Le-Le was the smallest of them all, with the shortest legs, naturally, she’d fallen, far behind, and because she was caught red-handed, stealing, she’d become even MORE panicky.  She’d heard the barking coming closer and closer, and her heart beat faster and faster, and, the footsteps from ahead sounded, even more distant, and, the panting of the dog came closer and closer, she’d felt slipping, and tripped, and fallen down on the rocks, she was, hounded down.  She felt the nails of the dog scratching her pants, that her ankle was bitten by the dog, she’d started crying so loudly; she was so totally beside herself, she’d lost consciousness for a moment’s time.  As she’d come back, her five accomplices all ran toward her, helped her back onto her feet again.  Le-Le cried and told, I got nipped by the dog, it’d, bitten my foot!  The friends checked her legs and feet, there were, six teeth prints on her right ankle, but, it didn’t get through the skin.  Her eyes grew wild and started looking around: where’s the mean dog?  Where is the mean dog?  Her little friends told her, that after he’d nipped her, he ran off.

The vicious dog was a purebred Taiwanese original dog, sat squarely in front of the front door, with the ears in the air, so fierce, the tongue that stuck out of his mouth had three round black spots.

“So brave, how DARE you come and stole my fruits away, thankfully, I’d not lost a thing, otherwise, I would’ve gone after every SINGLE one of you bandits.  The girl knew better, surrendered onto the ground, otherwise, my dog would’ve bitten her legs off!”

Le-Le sat in Jill’s Mini Cooper, Jill was one of the few students who drove to school in college.  Le-Le told her, “I’m scared of dogs, I was bitten by a dog as a child, what breed do you have at home?”

“No worries, I have a Labrador, the kind that’s often used as a guide dog, very mild-tempered, never bitten anyone.”

being helpful here, photo from online…

Jill’s house was the size of THREE mansions, she’d parked her Mini Cooper into a three car garage, and there was already a Mercedes 300 inside.  Jill rolled down the garage doors, and opened up the door to the gardens from inside the garage.  Le-Le saw that on the way to the house, there was a statue of a black dog in front of the front door, and, she’d looked closer, the tail was wagging, it was, a real dog.  She’d grabbed tightly onto Jill’s arms, “It’s black, and way bigger than the one that bit me.”

Jill patted her arms, “There are, black Labrador Retrievers too.  Mimi, this, is my friend, Le-Le.”

Mimi sat statuesque in front of the carved wooden door, “my owner’s friend is fearful of me, don’t frighten her.  There must be a way, to stop her from fearing me.”

Mimi waited until they both got inside the house, then, followed them into the living room.  The two of them sat on opposite ends of the couch, carrying on in conversations, Mimi walked over to her owner, lay down, and, used Jill’s leg as a pillow.  Gazed toward Le-Le with a pair of brown and friendly eyes.

Le-Le still felt a bit jolted, talked on, but with her eyes on the dog, it wasn’t moving at all, just with his chin on Jill’s legs.  Le-Le gazed down at her watch, it’d been fifteen whole minutes, and, it’d not moved, quite stabilized in personality.  Her eye kept gazing over at her face, without the least scent of viciousness.  She’d felt, less nervous now.

After they drank up the freshly squeezed orange juice, Jill called Le-Le to go up with her to her bedroom.  Mimi stood up too, Le-Le pulled on Jill’s arms, asked nervously, “Jill, is the dog following you to your bedroom?”

“No, he’s just, seeing me off.”

Le-Le focused, nervously on Jill’s words, while looking at the dog, without seeing that platform toward upstairs, and, that there were, two more steps before getting onto that platform.  Le-Le kicked at the platform, fell forward, her hands propped her up from the floorboards, she’d felt, that her thighs didn’t bump into the staircases, but landed on something soft, and it didn’t hurt at all.  Then, all of a sudden, it’d, dawned on here, that it was the black lab, Mimi who’s gotten under her legs.  Is he, trying to save her?  As Le-Le got up, Mimi got up too, and was smiling with his mouth wide open, and, there was that look of relief from his brown eyes too.

So, this person’s prior experiences of getting chased and bitten by the dog was imprinted into her mind, which was why she’d carried that fear, as she’d met her friend’s dog, but, the friend’s dog was very knowing, allowed the girl to take her own time to adjust to his presence, and, the dog ended up, saving the girl from falling too hard and injuring herself, and, this probably would change this young woman’s views about dogs now…


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