Rock-n’-R0ll Desserts, a Poem

something that we all need, from time to time, isn’t it???  Not my photograph…

Mmmmmmmm, Y-U-M, translated…

How Many Lines Did You Speak Today?

No Need to Count Them, Just Allow Your Tongues to Sleep Away on the Black Forest Cakes.

After a Long Bubble Bath, Why are You Still a Piece of Hard Steel?

No Need to Soften Your Selves, Just Allow Your Souls to Drift on that Banana Split Then

Couldn’t Say These Words

Stubborn as the Steel

feel your brains get happy yet???  Not my photo still…

Rather than Lying So Persistently for Your Livelihood

Why Not Just Kiss a Macaroon

Apple Pie Doughnuts Tiramisu

Brownies Lemon Tarts Coffee Cookies

These, are the Sweetness of Life on Our Tongues, and

Inside Our Souls

This, is how desserts make us feel, because sweets would give us a boost of endorphins, which, is why we can’t do without them, but, you must not let yourselves go wild on the desserts, because too much of it is not good for you!!!

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