The Teachers of the Distant Schools Used Ukulele to Get the Students to Stay in School

Keeping his students interested in learning, from the heartful and mindfulness of school instructors, on education in the distant areas, from the papers, translated…

The twenty-six-year-old, Yen-Fu Ke works as an acting instructor in Red Leaves Elementary School in Hualien, he who loved playing guitar very much saw that a lot of his students had nothing to do after school, he’d started teaching them to play the ukulele and the guitar, and found funding for the teachers and students to dine together from the school, and, helped the students find that drive of learning back, and made them feel that they now have a goal in being educated.

Ke is a self-taught guitar player, he’d gone online and asked other guitar players for the techniques, and managed to play the guitar so well over ten years’ time, he’d often played his music on YouTube. Two and a half years ago, he’d arrived to Hualien to teach, with Bunon ancestry, he’d felt really connected to the tribes, and, there were a lot of the younger generation of instructors who didn’t like staying in the distant regions to teach, but he’s loving it.

26歲柯彥甫(左)教偏鄉學生吉他、烏克麗麗,讓學生下課後不再四處遊蕩。 記者陳麗...the one on the left is the instructor, Ke, photo courtesy of…

Because he was the instructor, he’d often made home visits and saw that a lot of his students were either raised by their grandparents, or didn’t have any parents, raised by their relatives. And, what’s different for these children compared to children in the cities is that a lot of the parents here, can’t stay by their young, because they’d needed to make a living, let alone any leisure activities, after school’s out, the kids would wander in the communities, and between the villages.

“What, can I do for them?”, Ke thought, music is the best way to get through to the students, he’d thought of teaching his students guitar and the ukulele, and his thought gained the support from the school principal, and now, the Red Leaves Elementary School’s fifth and six grades has an eighteen member ukulele club, and a five student guitar club.

Other than teaching students the guitar, Ke said, that the school also helped in finding the funds, for the students to be able to have suppers with their teachers, and, with the accompaniment of the teachers and other classmates, the kids’ lives are no longer void, and, it’d, made them want to learn more.

Ke said, that he’d not expected his students to become professional musicians, just hoped that he could keep the kids coming to class, that after their hearts were settled down, then, he’d had the chance, of encouraging them to pursue their education even further, that, is the biggest hopes he has of becoming a school teacher.

So, you can see the dedication, and his drive, of helping his students stay in school, and, he came up with the ideal of music education, because music is known to ease people’s minds, and, besides, children who learn music can’t turn bad, so…


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