A Glass of Red Wine…

There’s, that glass of red wine, that someone drank out of, you can still see the lipstick imprint on the rims…

A glass of red wine, I sit, and stare at it, picking it up, swirling the glass, and I saw, a whirlpool inside! A glass of wine, that, was how we’d started, that first date, remember??? When I was so clumsy, that I’d, spilled it all over your dress? A glass of red wine, it’s almost impossible, to think, that that, was how we’d begun, and now, we end, our lives, with this, final toast, of that same glass of red wine, well, maybe not from the exact same bottle, but, that, was how it went!

not my photo…

A glass of red wine, with that lipstick imprint, left on the edges, ON purpose, for your WIFE to find, and, she’ll, find it all right, and, surely enough, she’ll be intelligent enough to figure out you’d been cheating on her all this time, and chances will be, that she will DIVORCE you, and by then, don’t you come crawling BACK to these doorsteps of mine, ‘cuz I’m done, being your SPARE W-H-E-E-L in life.

A glass of red wine, that, is all you will have, of me, and now, you will SIT (and STAY, good boy!!!), and you will, stare, into that vast emptiness in your own hearts, and, you will watch the wine swirl, and you pick up that glass, and, there I would be, as the remnants of a memory of what could’ve been, and what might have been…………


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