The Art of Names

What’s in a name, I wonder??? Translated…

Toward the assortments of names, I think, that giving something a name, is a work of one’s own imagination. The imaginations that parents hold of their own newborn infant children, the owners’ imaginations for their pets. And, the imaginations of the flowers and plants, that’s even more awing, for instance, who’d named the lotus such? So very proper and fitting too, giving that aesthetic imagination to it. There was, a horticulturist who’d worked hard to cultivate new species of roses that at first, he’d brainstormed and came up with an assortment of names for the new species, but then, he’d just, numbered the species, I’m thinking, that he must have run dry in imagination.

面對各種名字,我覺得取名字這件事,其實就是一種想像力。父母對於新生嬰兒的想像,主’s the photo of the flowers that came with the papers…

The flower in the photo is “Foxglove”, the gloves of foxes, the foxgloves stood very tall, with the bell-shaped flowers around the stems, the flowers bloomed orderly. The beautiful appearances and the dreamy colors, attracted people to plant them. what sort of imaginations goes into naming the flowers, “Foxgloves”? While the Chinese name for foxgloves sounded like a Chinese medicine. Yes, this flower has the medicinal properties. The plant encyclopedia said, that foxgloves are poisonous from petal to stems, and, medically, the extracts from the plant can excite the heart muscles, increase the ability of the heart to bump more blood, to help with circulation. And, could it be, that this, was how the English name, “Foxglove” comes from? As the foxes bumped into these flowers, they’d needed to wear gloves, because even the smart foxes couldn’t help, but touch these beautiful looking flowers.

So, sometimes, the names are merely a representation of the object, and sometimes, names just come from the top of our heads, and, we’d named our pets, our children whichever names we chose for them, and, this just still shows, how names may be the expectations that parents have for their young.


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