Peas, a Short Prose

The Princess & the Pea, translated…

“Although there were the layers of quilts on top, the princess still felt the pea, and couldn’t sleep well at all………”, my mother’s voice slowly, crept up into my mind, and I’d recalled the bedtime story she’d told me once.

not my clip-art…

I’d felt, that that pea underneath had, turned around.

In this night when I’d missed the last trains, and can only find a random motel to sleep off the night, and you, who was in the lower bunks had, caused me to toss and turn endlessly.

So, this, is just, really weird, I mean, why would you feel this way about bunking in the same room, with a stranger with whom you had absolutely NO ties with, right? Or maybe, you’re just, too young, and still had that fantasy about love that you hold, that, is what’s keeping sleep away from you…


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