There’s Only a Meadow for Our Exiles, a Poem

How the love is, slowly, lost, the progressions of a relationship here, translated…

There’s Only a Meadow for Our Exiles

That We’re Allowed to Love without Worries,

Roll Around on, to Get Pulled Back in

To the Blues Music after the Rain on

We Only Have the Space of a Sheep’s Pen to Speak of Our Dreams

not my photo…

Come Closer to My Ears, the Roots Sign

Played on that Variation of Gin & Tonic

We Only Have an Ancient Abandoned Garden to Lose Ourselves in

With a Map that Can Help Calm Those Shifting Memories

Like How the Moon and the Sun Were, Being Rolled Back Up

We Only Have a Star to Aim at, to Destroy

Wipe Out, Out, and with the Only Identifier Being

not my picture still…

Those Charcoaled Knuckles and Joints

We Felt that Dizzying Flashes of Light

Before the Fireworks’ Destruction on This Cherry Blossom Town

Twinkling, Unsteady

Picking Up the Familiar Tunes of an Adagio, Like Picking Up the Bones

Only the Dents Can Make the Shapes Protrude

Tiny, Delicate, Silky and Smooth

Everything Came to This Moment

Your Humble Neck, So Buttery

After a Taste, You Can Then Die, Quietly

 not my photo here…

From Before, We’d Only Had a Pair of Aching Eyes

That Allowed Us to Wander, to Get Hit

And, Everything We Couldn’t Withstand is So Light

Like the Dew-Drop Shaped Cannons

At Least, Our Sighs are Plural,, Those Russian Dolls

So Sweet-Looking;

All We Have, were These Silent Eyes that We’d Sent Off on Exile

A Bed that We Can Make Love in, to Roll on, to Swim in

Like How Those Prehistoric Fishes that Soaked Nakedly

At This Precise Moment, Our Love

Became, Past Tense

So, this, is the progressions of love, how you’d gone from that love at first sight, to getting along with each other (moving in, perhaps???) to getting into each other’s ways, and realizing, that hey, MAYBE, this, wasn’t LOVE for real, and, the two of you just, BROKE!!! The progressions of love is always, on a SLOW decline, but one thing’s for sure, you will always HIT the bottom at the very end of it…


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