Small Talk

And, you DO realize, how this is still, BULLSHIT, right? And the only REASON you are making small talk with someone is because??? Oh yeah, you want to get inside their pants!!!

Small talk, that, is how we played this game of love, we’d dropped hints here and there, hoping, that we will find them, and pick them all up, hold it, close, to all our hearts…

Small talk, why the F*** (maxed out, remember???) even bother? Huh? I mean, let’s, just GET down to it! Your place, or mine, huh??? That would, SAVE us both, a LOT of time that we would waste, on playing these god DAMN games, ‘cuz we already KNOW what we both wanted, don’t we, huh???

here’s one way, to SHUT them UP all right!!!  Not my comic…

Small talk, uh, NO thanks, I only LECTURE, I don’t DO small talks, I don’t FLIRT, I don’t EXPOSE any other “parts” of my SELF, except for my FREAKIN’ M-I-N-D!!!

Now, get OUT, before I get you O-U-T!!! And nope, still NOT directed toward ANYBODY out there who CAN read either………………


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