The Basketball Machine, in the Arcades

A poem, translated…

Game’s Begun, the Lights Flashed

A Net that Simply Can’t be Filled Up

More, I Need More, it’s in the Wrists, Throw it

Swish, into the Net, Can’t Waste an Extra Second

The Points Accumulated, More, I Need More

I’d Used My Eternal Practice, and Tossed that Ball, into the Hands of the Goddess of Fate

Staring Forward, Above the Black Slope

kids playing the machines…photo from online…

There’s No Good OR Evil, Just Keep on the Offensive

The Glowing Hole of Temptation, Swayed Left & Right

Moving Up and Down, Gaining All the Idolizing Looks

No Room for Hesitation, Level, by Level, Faster, Faster Still

All the Hard Work I’d Put in, Shall Yield the Sweetest of All Fruits——

I am, the Archer of Fate, Facing Myself

In the Karmic Cycle that Nobody is Aware of

not my photo…

Taking Up that Small Corner, I Thought Success is So Simple & Easy

A Row of Basketball Machines, Stacked Up All My Lost Dreams for This Life

And Each and Every Me, Focused, Held My Breaths in, Slowly, I’d, Fallen, into that Daze and Become Fatigued

Throwing Until It’d Become an Automated Process, Until the Buzzer

Buzzed, and, Everything Returned, Back to Zero Again

even if you’re not good in sports, you also have a chance of scoring big!!!  Not my photo…

Playing these machines is similar to having that adrenaline rush on the courts, and, you don’t need to worry about someone getting the ball from your hands like in a real basketball game, you can only focus on making the throws, into the baskets there…


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