The Doll Machines

A reminder of our younger chlidhood years, a poem, translated…

Childhood is a Ten-Dollar Coin

Toss it in, to that Transparent Acrylic Box

Adventure’s Over Now, Alice & the Other Dolls Stacked Up Against One Another

They Fell Asleep, on the Day They’d Met

A Dreaming, Safe Small Compound

do you think you can get one???  It’s NOT as easy as you might think……

Blocking All the Calculated Means, the Robberies, the Coins Clunked

The Smallest Kinds of Greed, and Innocence

Separated, by a Thin Wall, Time After Time

I’d, Manipulated the Joystick of Reality, Outside the Rabbit Hole

Leaning to the Left, Pressing Towards the Right,

Extended Those Awful Claws Toward the Dolls

which one do you want, Winnie the Pooh or the Dog?  Photo from online…

Pinch, Swing Them, Flipping Them Back & Forth

Aimed, But Always Missed, Go Down Slanting, That, is the Way

The Triangular Hole is the Place of Success, Kept Hanging Overboard

More Careful, Than Dream

let’s see which one we’re able to get,photo from online…

Two Dreams, One Hard Hit

The Lights Blinked on & Off, in the Crowded Darkness

I’d Come Face-to-Face with the Dolls, and, All of a Sudden, Shock

I’d Found, that I Was, Collected into an Even Bigger, and Can’t-Be-Opened Box

Dampened, Molded, Forgotten the Entrance of the Adventures………

So precise, is this poem, it’d shown how easily, childhood innocence gets stolen, just like when you’d manipulated those claws that drops down to grab a hold of those dolls, that, is exactly what the dolls are experiencing, except, that the dolls were, inanimate and they don’t feel, but you do!


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