The Best Arrangements

On a trip abroad, translated…

I’d gone on a trip to Japan with a group, taking my mother with me, as we’d met up at the airports, I’d taken the boarding pass from the tour guide, and our seats were not right next to each other; although, being able to sit next to mom would be the best, but, for many years, we’d gone on trips like this, and, become more than comfortable with whatever arrangements they’d let us have.

On the plane, my mother and I both had the middle seats, not by the aisles or the windows, we’d had awful seats, and, we’d wanted to, switch seats with someone else. But, the lady sitting to my left kept gazing to the direction where her son was sitting, I’d wanted to ask her if she’d wanted me to switch seats with her son, but then, I’d thought, that maybe, they’ll be able to, get better seats, so, I’d waited and watched what happened.

As most of the passengers boarded the plane, the woman finally couldn’t hold her horses anymore, asked if I can switch seats with her son? I’d said okay without hesitations, it’s just a seat where I can sleep in, it didn’t matter where I sit, allowing someone to sit next to someone they know, that, is a good thing I’d done too.

After I’d changed seats, the elderly man apparently showed some displeasures to this arrangement, he’d started complaining to the friend who sat behind him, that the tour guide should’ve given us assigned seats, instead of allowing ourselves to make our own arrangements after we go onboard the flight. I’d thought, why not just be a good person all the way, I’d asked the elderly man, who he’d wanted to sit next to. The elderly man at first, was shy to accept my offers, perhaps, he’d never, imagined that someone was willing to, switch seats on one’s own!

not my photograph…

As I’d walked over to the elderly man’s wife’s seats, I’d accidentally discovered, that my mom was sitting next to me, as the elderly man’s wife saw us, laughing and talking, she’d asked me, with questioning eyes, “You two know one another?” “We’re mother and daughter”, I’d smiled and told her.

It’s a wonder, that after the switches, it’d allowed me, to sit right next to my own mother. This small prelude to the trip, started this trip off well; I’d wanted to help someone else out, and in the end, I’d, gotten what I’d wanted, although it was coincidental, but, isn’t life so wonderful like this, sometimes, you shouldn’t, force things, and, the heavens will have better plans for us all.

boarding calls, NOT my photo still…

So, this just shows, how a kind thought can get you what you want in the end, but, this may not always be true, and you usually don’t see the results of your kindness toward someone else so soon…


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