Look, I’m Fine

A lesson learned, from a close call, translated…

We’d been married for six months now, and, we’re still in the infatuous stage of love. We were both, fighting hard for our lives, working hard, to make ends meet.

I will never forget the moment, as a paramedic, standing next to you, watching you, as you get a gastroscopy. This, was a more than normal scene, but, something irregular came out of it. I knew, that everything isn’t as smooth deep down. My heart was beating so quickly, and, how I hoped, that you’re not the one who’s currently under my care.

After the gastroscopy examination room, I’d fallen silent. I’d worked in the hospitals, and met a ton of deaths, I thought I would have enough courage, to face more that came my way. Turns out, what I couldn’t face, was being left alone in this world. You held my hands tightly in yours, seemed to, feel my unsettlement.

“You worried?”, with tears in my eyes, I’d chosen to remain silent. “Everything happens, for a reason”, I’d thought, the heavens knew, that I will die because of my condition a decade from now, so, it’d let me meet up with you ten years ago, marrying you. The heavens wanted to remind me, that every chance I get, I will make the healthy foods, work out with you, and keep on living healthy.”, you’d stated to me calmly, and you were, my patient.

Lying in bed, we’d hugged each other very long. No matter what trials may come for our futures, the heavens had, given us the strengths, to face the assortment of challenges together. Everyday, being able to spend our time together, living on this earth with our hands and feet, that is, more than enough.

We’d been, chased by the meanings of success, forgotten, to slow our paces down, hugging those who are nearest to us, cherishing our own wellbeing.

A week later, the results came, it was, benign.

You’d smiled and told me, “Look, we’re all okay.”, like, nothing had happened, but I had, grown up.

So, this is the experience, that you were forced to, prepare for the WORST, but gladly, your loved one is still okay, and, now, I’m sure, that you will, cherish one another even more, because you got so close, to losing your beloved husband, and, from this experience, you’d learned, to spend more time with your families, because you never know when time will run out!


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