Drinking Away These Memories…

“just keep ‘em comin’…”

I come to this bar tonight, with just ONE goal in mind, to drink away these memories!

So, pour me, bartend, your strongest kind of Whiskey, Scotch, or Bourbon, or better yet, mix ALL three inot that SHOT-SIZE glass for me, why don’t ya…

Drinking away these memories, I’d been, trying, so hard to, and yet, every time I’d thought I was successful, my world came, crumbling back down again, because, there you are, as you were, when we were together, right, in front of me.

Drinking away these memories, that, is what I want to do, but, I can’t seem to, do it, successfully in any way, because, I’m, currently, being, haunted, by the ghost of you, or us, of our, shared, better days, with the outlook of my life for the future, feeling, and looking, and getting darker, and darker by the minutes and seconds that came to pass me by.

Drinking away these memories, well, I’d, had enough, trying to, drown out the sorrowful feeling that’s locked up inside of me, think I’ll just, get home now, and who knows, maybe, later on in the nights, I’ll just, crack open, ANOTHER bottle, hoping, that, you won’t be, waiting right there, at the bottom of my drinking glass………

Drinking away these memories, I don’t think I can, because, the more I’d become, intoxicated, the more my memories become, activated, and, the more I’d downed those glasses of strong booze, the more my heart ached, for you.


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