The Nostalgia of the Grandson

Missing a beloved family member, from the angle of the daughter-in-law, translated…

That dark-green, worn out, torn up pillow case that barely covered up the pillow, belonged to that teenage porcupine son of mine.

Although the pillow case was already torn up to the extent of not being able to get cleaned after washing, he’d still, refused to get a new one. And every time I’d touched it, he’d become like a crab, holding up those pinchers, ready, to protect his thing.

Because that pillow case, was made with the drapes by his grandmother from when he was just a very young child. And, the grandmother who’d taken care of him had been, in a vegetative state since a car wreck, almost three years ago. And, although my son who’d become like a porcupine wouldn’t say it, but I knew he loved his grandmother so, the LINE ID he’d used, was the nickname his grandmother called him by, and he’d prayed for his grandmother’s getting better every single day, as a Christian.

As his mother, I still find it hard to know, how this big boy who was once a premature child, slept with the pillow from his grandmother who’d looked after him so well felt.

My dearest mother-in-law, please, do wake up soon! Your grandchild, and we all, miss you very much.

So, this, is kinda sad, because the mother-in-law is in a coma, but, it’s a very good story too, to see a family that’s so tightly-knit, without your regular mother and daughter-in-law problems, and it’s still all due to the mother-in-law’s kindness to everybody in the family.


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