The Rose in the Wind

Remembering the one you’d let go of, and now, she’s, haunting you, every single time you’d gotten drunk, translated…

As I drank glass after glass, I’d become, half-dazed, and you’d, appeared, in front of my misty eyes. Just like over a decade ago, you’d consoled with me, not to drink so much, and I’d told you, that this, was my very last drop. I’d reached out my trembling hands, tried to touch that beautiful black head of hair on you, you were so shocked you’d leapt backwards, thought that I had, yet to let go of the regrets I’d carried over these past over a decade’s time.

As the neon lights stopped blinking, there were, only, a handful still twinkling outside, and the noises on the streets slowly, died down, I’d, tossed that empty bottle, toward the darkness, and, stirred up those alley cats and dogs, made them scurry. You’d, appeared before me again, said, that I still hadn’t, changed one bit, still a drunk. I’d watched that Provence lavender freshness about you, along with the elegance that came from the early evenings of Florence, all of a sudden, I’d felt that chill, that woke me up, telling me, that I’d, arrived, at the beachside of this, lonely island. All of a sudden, the streets, vanished, I’d heard your footsteps getting away from me, along with the echoes from my own youthful years too. Back then, we’d embraced, like there was no tomorrow, bravely ventured, out toward the raging waves all around.

you, at the bottom of my glass 的圖片結果not my photo…

Back then, we’d once, challenged our physiques to the extremes, trekked across the Gobi Desert in the heated summertime, attempted to, conquer the frigid winters of the North Pole too. Stood by the Kanas Lake, waited for the monster of the lake to show, used the fangs of the monsters of the Devil’s Town as a pillow, and put up with the high heat of Turpan. Faced our dreams high against the winds. That was, from over a dozen years ago, and now, you’d, appeared before me, who is, half intoxicated already, tried to console me, not to drink so much.

Do you know? That I’d, worked so hard, to tell you, that the gentle waves of the Nile, the slanted shadows of the pyramids of Egypt were, what filled up my mind, that I’m overwhelmed, with the hunting day and night in the African jungles. And, you’d just can’t get accustomed to how I’d made a fool of myself after drinking too much, and, before I’d down my very last drop, you, my beauty, started before me, scolding me, to NOT drink as much, after I’d, drunk up that empty bottle, along with, that emptied out you. All that you’d left with me, were those, wind like words, before you’d, disappeared from me again.

not my photo still…

So, it sounds, that you’re, trying to, drink away someone’s memories, or maybe, you’re getting drunk, so see the one you’d loved and let go off again, and, by drinking so much, you were able to recall, all the memories you’d shared with the woman you loved before, and yet, she’s never coming back, because of something you must’ve done…and, you’re, left with the regrets of, what could’ve and what might’ve been!


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