Flee, a Poem

Dividing the blames, DOWN the middle, please!!! Translated…

A Fish, Like Us, the Benthic

Will Also, Devour, Another Fish

If There’s a Title to a Forest

Would You Choose the Game of Hide-and-Seek, or a Simple Japanese Cedar

On the Way, to Escape

From the Sounds that Hit the Ground

not my photo…

The Moonlight Was the Last of the Silverwares

As We’d, Walked Along in the Midst

The Baby Deer, are the Last Letters

Dots Everywhere, with All the Metaphors

Perhaps, You’d Needed the Frosts, to Make the Persimmons Sweet

And that Once the Expressions Left Us, then, Freedom Shall Come

not my photograph here…

If a Lake Become Lonely

Then, it’s Two People at Fault

And, When the Two People are at Fault

Then, Let’s Just Allow the Background Music to Play on

So, here, you’re trying to rationalize, who’s to blame for what happened, and, there’s NO way you can place the blame on just ONE of the two individuals who are involved, because BOTH are at fault, that, is why it didn’t work out…


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