Weaning Myself Off of Your Lies…

This, is what I’m working on right now, but, it’s, a very difficult process, as, I’d still recalled just how wonderful, those sweetened lies of yours tasted on my tongue, but, they’re, poisons that will, debilitate me completely, paralyze me from the inside out! So, I’ve, got to, wean myself from your lies.

So, this difficult, next-to-impossible process had, begun. First, I’d, cleaned out EVERYTHING around me that’s related to you, stored all those photographs of us, in those broken frames up into the attic, inside that brown cardboard box.

what a load of C**P!!!  Not my picture…

Then, I’d, scrubbed the floors, to rid this house of your footprints, then, I’d, gone into the bedroom we once shared, and, there were, traces of our love everywhere it’s so, overwhelming, I’d broken down, and just, couldn’t, help myself, cried endlessly for hours on end, until, it was, dark out…

I’d, picked myself up off the floor, and dragged my heavy feet, continued to sort through this house full of memories of us. I’d, pulled back the curtains, to let the sun in, and, the room became, illuminated, and, it’d, dawned on me, that with or without you, the light’s still here, with, or without you, I’m still, me, it’s just, that you’d, taken pieces of me I’d given you, and wasted it up!

not my picture still…

Weaning myself off of your lies, you’d given me NOTHING but those empty promises, painted a picturesque life that we would never get to share, and I was too young, too dumb (yeah, I admit!!!), too trusting, toward you before, well, ain’t NEVER gonna make THAT mistake ever again that’s for sure!!!



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