I Created Happiness

How a stay-at-home-mom come to realize, that she has everything, despite the fact, that she wasn’t bringing in the pay, translated…

The most intense time for me of the entire day is in the evenings, as I’m cooking supper. Washing, chopping, preparing, cooking, I’d worked, endlessly, between the sink and the stove, and the rumblings of the range hood, along with the screams from my hungry children, it usually cause me to lose my emotional control so many times.

On this particular day, I was, working hard in the kitchens, and, from the living room came, my children’s arguing getting louder and louder by the second, as I was about to lose it, and go into the living room, and give my kids a piece of my mind, my eldest son marched into the kitchen and told me, “Mom, all my classmates envied me so.” “Why is that?”, I’d asked, “Because every day after school, they would head over to the afterschool care programs, and their parents would come very late to pick them up; they’d needed to eat their suppers at the afterschool care programs, and, when they’d not done well enough on their exams, they would get punished by the instructors at the afterschool programs, as they’d heard that I can come straight home after class, they’re so very envious of me.” Then, in a whiny voice, he’d told me, “I feel I’m truly blessed, thanks, mom.”

a housewife…not my painting…

Since my children were born, id’ started working as a full-time mom, then, there were, three of them one right after the other, and, I’d gone from a fearful first-time mother, to being able to handle everything that my kids throw at me, and, looking back, the best times of my life was spent, between the bottles and the diapers.

There was once a friend, who’d taken a look at my hands, and commented, “That’s a man’s hands, just look at how the veins popped up, it doesn’t look like a woman’s hands.”, and, my bulging biceps meant the loss of my younger years, plus my physical wellbeing deteriorating, combined, with my lack of self-fulfillment, sometimes, I’d doubted, did I make the right decisions, from when I first became a mother?

Looking back over this road to caring for my young, there’s, a mixture of tastes, and, all the trials that came with it, had erased how I used to enjoy all of this process; and my son’s “I’m truly blessed”, became like a wakeup call to me, not only did it soothed my heart, it’d also recalled my thoughts from the very start—did I not, want to extend the care and concerns shown to me by my own mother to my own young? And now, the seeds I’d planted had, bore the fruits, and, I’d come to realize, that I’d, created, my own happiness.

See how much the stay-at-home moms juggle from day to day?  Not my diagram…

Sometimes, we just, need that reminder, to make ourselves see just how lucky we actually are, especially when you’re a stay-at-home mom, having given up your pays, and, sometimes, you may feel useless, but ladies, you are the ones, who are, contributing to your families more than you will ever know, so, give yourselves MORE credit!!!

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