Soaring, Against the Wind

Professing the love, there are, the risks, of the one you love, not reciprocating the love BACK to you, but, you’d still decided, to take your best shot! Translated…

I was so much younger then, the dreams I’d dreamed not only passed through mountain after mountain after mountain, they can stand up tall, where the wind blows the hardest, and they can make that solemn vow over and over again. And it seemed, as though, that applauses are easily gotten, time, and time again. other than when I bumped into that girl I liked, I’d always, held my head up high, and made my hairs stand up with gel, setting my scarf afloat in the wind, even as I cried, I’d cried, in the silent darkened nights, didn’t dare let anybody see, and on the surface, I’d looked like I’m the king of the world, like I can, consume everything, like I’d, drunk from the longest rivers in the world.

not my picture…

That, was, however, just on the surfaces! I knew, deep down, that I’m transparent as a pane of glass, that I’d not gained enough skills, that no matter how high I can leap, I can’t touch God, and no matter how hard I’d worked to design, I can’t make those grander scale palaces of ancient times, and, once I’d sunk, I can’t, find an exit or myself, and, what rammed into me, were those, same old lamps in the palaces, and, as I ran to escape, I’d, entered into, another, identical hallway, I’m so stressed out now! Ramming all over the places, and, I’m still here, in the identical scenes of the lamps, in the exact appearances of the hallways.

And, at the moment, when the girl I liked appeared, I’d often become, fazed by her dimples, and chime-like laughter, I’d stood, dumbfounded, in front of this pure and white camellia that looked like a butterfly, couldn’t make out a single word, felt so embarrassed I’d wanted to, leap into that large lake close by, and, allowing my fate to hang in the balance of my leap. But, she’d whispered on how the wind is blowing too hard, the water, too cold, it’s, as if, she can see, right into my mind, what I was thinking of, and, stated, that I should, write a love poem instead.

And so, I’d started, laughing hysterically again, felt so embarrassed that I’d started, caring less, I’d laughed like the raging wind, like how the giant forces of the wind, blew from the top of the mountains, crossing the plains, the valleys, through the lakes too, ahhhhhhhhhhh! This mad poet, laughed alone in the midst of the highest of peaks and vastness of the oceans. Yes, she’d told me, that if I’d, laughed any louder, the wind blew stronger, then, she would be given a pair of ears that can hear anything, that no matter how far away I am to her, she can still, hear me clear.

not my picture still…

So, this, is how the love is, reciprocated, the narrator fell for someone, and was proclaiming his love to her, and, fearing that if he’d exposed too much of himself, and she didn’t reciprocate, he will be injured, but thankfully, this girl felt like he had, and so, a love started up…


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