Packed Fruits with His Lunch

How this man was able to, trick his own wife from moving back in with him again, translated…

He didn’t like consuming fruits. But his wife would always prepare them for him. And, in his packed fruit box, although there were just two varieties of fruits, but his wife would change the way she’d packed the fruits. And all of his coworkers commented on how creative and amazing his wife is. And, he’d flash that smile toward them as if to say, “I’m the luckiest man in the world” too. He loved how everybody would look on him with envy. But now, his wife went back to live with her parents after they’d had a big fight. He’d not wanted anybody to know, that his marriage was, on the rocks, and so, he can only, prepare the fruits for himself now. He’d learned from his own wife, to pry open the slices of oranges and found, that it wasn’t, as easy as he thought it’d appeared to be. And the pears, he also couldn’t cut them up, to look presentable and pretty either.

this, was probably what this LOSER is used to getting from his own wife, not my photo here…

And, for the sake of his packed servings of fruit for lunch, he’d, begged his own wife to come back home. And the wife, thought that he’d finally understood how good she was to him, and, was more than glad, to pack up the fruits for his lunches again.

So, this, is what men would do, to coax their separated wives back into living with them, and this just shows, in this case, how calculating men are, and how simple-minded, and love-oriented women are, which is not at all true, because we are ALL, a HELL of a LOT more intelligent than all of YOU, combined!!!



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