The Love that’s Wasted…

Do you even know, how much love is wasted by the year? By the day? Of course not, because WHO keeps track of that SHIT, right???

The love that’s wasted, just, tossed away, like some pieces of unwanted TRASH, but, think about it, the love that’s wasted and tossed out, well, it was, once, a very important someTHING, to somebody, you DO know that, don’t you?

just, tossed away, so carelessly, like TRASH!!!  Not my photograph…

The love that’s wasted, so, you want it back huh? Well, I’d, put it out, early yesterday by the curb, and, you can run outside to check, and, if the garbage collectors hadn’t come, then, you still have that chance, to salvage it, and, as for me, I got, ZERO desire, ZERO need, to take something I’d thrown out as a PIECE of GARBAGE back into my life!

The love that’s wasted, where, does it go? Is there, a love wasteland somewhere in the world? There must be, ‘cuz so much love is wasted by the day, and, if there’s NO “free” space for these wasted loves to go, then, we would all, be SUBMERGED (like how the sea level’s rising right now due to global warming???) in the love we’d ended up, wasting away………

and this, is what this emotional WASTELAND looks like, not my photo still…

The love that’s wasted, you can’t have it back, it’d already gotten, RECYCLE, and made into what? Nothing, a love that’s wasted becomes, absolutely, NOTHING, to NOBODY, it’s already, WASTED away, so, it won’t have ANY use for anybody, in this god DAMN world anymore!


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