Using Wit to Answer One Another’s Questions, Warming Our Love Back Up

Pillow talk, on how to keep the marriage “fresh”, between a husband and a wife, translated…

It’s, in the depth of the night now, my husband and I lie in bed, holding conversations, and, the more we talked, the more we wanted to talk, and we’d become, more and more awake too; from when we went to bed at ten, we’d talked, for two whole hours now. Although my eyes felt a bit heavier, but, I still couldn’t fall asleep, so, I got up, to write down some notes.

I’d originally thought, that we’d gotten to the point that we’d run out of discussion topics, but, as we’d, found that talking switch in one another, we can chat about any and everything, and nothing at all.

catching up before bedtime, not my photograph…

That day, I’d just tossed him a “did you find anything new today?”, or maybe, my husband sensed my willingness to listen, he’d started talking about what he’d encountered during the daytime, as well as his thoughts, and, we’d accidentally, gone back, to the years when we’d talked about everything with one another; ever since, the chit-chats before bedtime between a time to connect for us.

We’d been married five years now, the schedules’ been set for our lifestyles already, and, there are, rarely any romance left in the processes. But, turns out, we’d only needed to communicate with our hearts, then, we’re able to, open those, locked up door due to how familiar we’d become of one another.

As I wrote up to here, my husband who’s in bed is already, in his dreams now, and I’m still, wide awake in thought. Thinking of how we’d changed in relating to each other, I feel so blissful, and although, this may well, turned into a night which I can’t even sleep, but, it’d not, bothered me one bit.

not my photograph…

So, this, is important, to set aside some time during the day, to catch up, to connect with each other, and who knows, you just might discover something new about each other, and, it can, rekindle that dying flame of your love too.


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