I Hope My Daughter Gets to Live Out Her Own Dreams

Finally, the child decided, that enough IT enough, and lets go of her own mother’s expectations of her, translated…

After my daughter graduated from university, she’d stayed in the university, worked as an executive assistant, then, she’d followed my advice, and started studying for the national examinations; and still, after so many years of hard work, she’d not gotten a high enough score.

This year, as the test scores were, posted out, she’d finally made up her mind, to NOT take the examinations again, to NOT waste any of her parents’ money and her precious youth away. Being beaten down, she’d told me, with this seriousness, “Mom, I’m just, not good at studying, I’d worked so very hard, and, it still didn’t work, I don’t want to do it anymore, please, allow me to find my own path now!”

just follow the roadsigns…not my photo

Seeing how my daughter was tearing up, and, spoken those words aloud bravely, right at the moment, I felt like there were, knives, stabbing at my heart, and I can’t manage a word of encouragement to her, I can only, nod to agree with her ways.

At this time, as a mother, I can only, give her my blessings, and hoped, that she will find her own paths in life, I’m more than positive, that she will!

So, this time, the mother FINALLY got it, and allowed her child, to fly on her own, because the daughter was merely taking the exams for the mother’s sake, and she knew that her mother wanted the best for her, but, she just, couldn’t take the exams and get a high enough grade, which was why she’d decided, to find her own path in life, instead of keep walking down this road, that others had, planned out for her, and it takes a LOT of bravery to do so.

a young woman, chasing her own dreams, not my photograph…


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