Searching for MY Lost Identity…

Who am I???

Am I, defined, by my skin color, my last name?

Or am I, more than that?

Searching, for MY lost identity, I’d lost sight of who I was, when I was a very young child, and, growing up, I’d, lived in the messy muck, you know, those things that became too hard, to trudge through, even IF you are, wearing those, perfectly fitting-for-the-occasion rainboots!

searching for my lost identity 的圖片結果not my photo…

Searching, for MY lost identity, where, do I start, and, am I, defined, by the way I appeared (skin color, hair color, eye color, race/nationality, gender orientation, etc., etc., etc.), and, what if, I can’t fit perfectly, into just one of these, “slots”?

Searching, for MY lost identity, it’s, too hard, I can’t know who I am, it’s like, someone’s, placed a BLOCK on that passage to my past, to keep me, from finding out just, WHO I am………

not my art!!!

Searching for MY lost identity, do I, define my self based off of the external feedbacks from my external environments, or, am I better, defined by, who I am on the inside?  And, how can I, find that delicate balance bewteen both???

I’ll just have to, keep on, searching for MY lost identity, and I won’t be satisfied, or stop searching, until I know, ALL of me………


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