You Can Only See with Your Hearts

Experiences, wisdoms, from taking a walk in nature, translated…

Every time I’d gone out on a stroll or on a trip with my wife, her keen sense of observation always kept me in awe. As we went strolling in Da-An Forest Park, it’s as if she’d discovered the New World, exclaimed to me, “Honey, honey, look, the cotton tree is blooming!”, and, as if, waking out of a deep sleep, I’d inquired, “Where?”, she’d pointed toward the high up branches, said, “Over there, look!”

This same script had happened again and again, whether it be a windchime tree, or the Formosan magpie, I’d gotten the look, thanks to my wife, pointed them out.

“let’s take that walk into the woods and see what we can discover there…”  Not my photograph…

And so, I’d realized, that with my eyes wide open, I may not even see it, that in order to see things, we’d needed to, use our hearts to experience, to see everything, the big picture. Reviewing over my own life, I’d spent most of my time, looking eye level or my head lowered, I’d rarely lifted my head up, to see what’s going on all around me. There is a friend who’d loved photographing wildlife, in order to get the picture of a farmland tree frog, heaven only knows how much blood he’d donated to the mosquitoes in the bushes. Another good friend who lives in Canada, loved being basked in nature; every time I’d seen him share his findings in nature, I’d become, totally, envious. And so, I’d, decided, to open up my eyes, to keep my mind curious, my ears, attentive, to broaden up the horizons of my own life.

I’d started paying attention to the name plates of the trees in our community, and worked hard, to differentiate thyme, rosemary, cinnamon, along with other common plants I’d come face-to-face with daily; and, I’d, no longer just, hurried to and fro, and would lift my head, to see the plants on the sidewalks. I’d fallen in love with nature too, learned to listen close, to the winding streams, the birds calling, the insects as well, and, I was able to understand what the ancient people meant by the philosophies of life is gained from being surrounded by nature.

Awhile ago, I’d gone to Xitou, the national park had educated the visitors on the various plants, and it was, very interesting to me. As we’d walked into the woods where the thousand-year-old tree was located, we’d identified the leaves from which trees they fell from. As we rested in the resting place, we’d bumped into squirrels that wanted a share of our foods, it was very surprising. As we walked to the viewing area of the ancient tree, gazing at that tree of about 2,800 years of age, it’d made me think of the higher we’d climbed, the harder we fall.

something you can encounter, as you take a walk into the natural world, not my photograph still…

I remember that in Le Petit Prince, the Fox told Le Petit Prince, “the really important thing, you can’t see, with your eyes.” So, the observing eyes, the tentative ears won’t work, unless you’d used your hearts to experience. And, using our hearts to experience our surrounding environments, it can, calm our flustered hearts down, such, a wonderful experience!

See how going out into nature can be inspiring? Because nature has the healing way for people, because when you’re surrounded by nature, you’d realized, how small you are, and, all of your minute little worries seemed to, fade away completely. That, is how nature can be healing.


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