Sorry, I’m Just a Straightshooter

Changes, nope, change right back!!! Translated…

“Sorry, I’m just a straight shooter, that, is the rule I live by!”, this was the most widely used line by the main character, from the comic, Naruto, I’m just like him, often spoken aloud on my thoughts, without thinking it twice, which was why I’d often angered others, and caused misunderstandings. And so, I’d made a solemn swear, that I’d needed to, change this about me.

“The art of communication” and the “little white lies”, I’d taken up. And this had surely, declined the number of confrontations I’d been in, but my close friends felt that I’d become a different person, that I’m no longer active and humorous like I once was, started becoming very careful when I’d spoken. And one day, my best friend finally had it, slapped my shoulders hard, “What happened to you? Straight up, why would you need to tighten yourself so? This is really tiring, for us to be around you, you know?”

That very night, I’d returned to my home disappointed, I lay on my bed playing with my cell phone, and, I saw a line from a Jimi Fan’s group, “There are those in the world who will like you, those who won’t, but, the only thing you can do, is to be yourself.”

That was like a lightning, striking down on me, and, that ambiguity I’d carried with me so long was gone all of a sudden. Although being a straight shooter may cause me some troubles, but that, is a part of my nature; my being straight up made my friends comfortable around me, and they’d loved, hanging out with me, I shouldn’t, kill off this quality of mine.

After all, those who like me will like me, and those who don’t, won’t, rather than feigning compliance, why not, use my own way, and, walk out this path that solely belonged to just me, to share it with my loved ones.

After that, I’d spoken, more gently, but, I am still straight to the point and sharp-tongued, and, my friends and I started getting along like we once had, we no longer worried about stepping on one another’s toes. And now, if someone wanted me to change how straightforward I am, I’m sorry, I really, just can’t!

So, this, is putting on that original layer of “you” after you’d tried on other “outfits”, because your characteristics are what makes you YOU, and, if you change that about yourselves, then, your friends will no longer feel comfortable around you, and who knows, they may even become, estranged from you, so, rather than going with what everybody ELSE is trying to get you to do, just be Y-O-U!


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