A Worker of Tears

I am, a worker of tears, it seemed, that every time I’m called to work (by contract), there are, tears involved…

A worker of tears, I’d become, and, in order, to NOT get that emotional overload, I’d had to, desensitize to other people’s sorrows, and, as a result, I tend to come off as hard, unfeeling, but, I’m actually not!

not my photograph…

A worker of tears, I am, I work, with all kinds of tears, tears of joy, of anger, of sorrow, of loss, along with ALL the kinds that were, in between. Working for so long in this business of tears, it’s not at all, that lucrative, because, people would just all, forget about the tears, by the time the tears dropped off their cheeks, like, they never, happened.

But, I am, keeping track, of these tears that people are crying, I don’t know why I’m compelled to do so, but, I guess, I’m used to it, as when I was younger, I’d become, the keeper, of my families’ tears, as they’d all, POURED out their emotions toward me, overflowed me, regardless of whether or not I was, willing to, receive all those god DAMN tears from them or not!

crying animation 的圖片結果not my emoticon!!!


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