Shadows, Tagging Along

Someone to watch over me, translated…

I’d gone to the parks to exercise, I saw a woman up ahead, walking along very slowly, with a cane, there was a man who’d followed closely behind her, constantly reminded her, “Don’t push yourself too hard, if you’re tired, just take a break, and let’s walk some more.”, I’m guessing, that they were, married.

I’d walked very fast, I was on my second lap, as I was passing them by, I saw the man, playing a game with the shadows with the light from the streetlamps. I’d gotten very curious about what he was doing, and worried, that my shadow, barging in, will interrupt the games, and so, I’d, slowly myself down a bit. I saw the man, lifting his arms high, and, made the antlers onto the woman’s shadows, and, opened up his hands, to give her shadows wings, his agile fingers made an assortment of styles………the man told her, “It wouldn’t get bored this way, walking around, do you want to sing a song, I’ll, be your accompaniment.”, the woman started laughing, as did I, who’s watching them from close by.

not my photograph…

Looking at this heartwarming sight, I can’t help, but recalled the past. My husband kept his love inside his heart, although we’d dated for a long time, I can count out the number we’d held hands, but what moved me was, every time we were about to cross the road, he’d moved himself to the side where the traffic was flowing, to block out the cars for me, to protect me. Seeing the shadows of us leaning against each other, there’s that I’d found someone I can rely on kind of bliss.

As my child started stumbling, there was an extra short shadow between ours, we’d walked along, and lifted our child up in the air, playing that game of swings; my husband would sing those nursery rhymes with him, and I, who can’t sing, would follow behind them, feeling satisfied.

With my child getting older, we’d busied ourselves at work, we’d not played that game of shadows for fun anymore, but every time as I am about to cross the roads, I couldn’t help, but watch the shadows on the ground, like my husband was right there, next to me, helping me along, and I’d feel warm all over.

shadows holding hands 的圖片結果from online…

So, this, would be, a great memory of you and your husband’s interactions, and, it is, amazing, to have someone watch over you like that, and this sort of love is, rooted, very deeply, but not everybody finds it, and so, you are, among the lucky ones!

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