Thank You, Quiet Girl…

Just needed a little push, to break up with the wrong guy here, translated…

Since I’d started working, I’d needed to take a bus first, transfer onto a train, then, another bus, to get to work, a one-way trip takes up to an hour and a half. But gladly, there are, those interesting instances that occurred on the ride, and I’d enjoyed, writing the scripts, for these passengers who’d met up serendipitously, and the commute because less of a drag.

That day, I was tired as a dog, and I was so totally glad, that I’d still managed to get a seat on the last row, toward the center, I was grabbing tight to the handrails on my right side, was ready to rest, and all of a sudden, I’d heard a pair of girls, chit-chatting like cray…………no, wait, it was, just one girl, constantly telling her friend how awful her boyfriend was treating her, and she got more and more moved as she’d talked, and, she’d started, sobbing gently.

And now, my sleeping bugs are all, chased away. But, although, I was, wide awake, I can only pretend that I was still, asleep, to avoid this embarrassment for them, and for me too.

The girl who was crying complained on, but, her female companion was, extremely, quiet for some reasons. As her sobbing finally came to an end, that quiet girl started talking, “You already KNOW what you need to do, but you just needed to hear it from me.” Until they got off, they’d, not exchanged another word.

As I got home, I’d left a voice mail message for my boyfriend, “Let’s break up!”, on the road to love, being able to pour your hearts out to a best friend, reading books on relationships, seeking out professional advices, I’d already known, that we weren’t right for each other, but I’d put off breaking up for a long time. But on this very day, the girl had, helped, clear everything for me.

So sometimes, we just, need that extra push from the outside world, for us, to take that initiative to change, like this person, commuting from work, she’d stayed with her boyfriend knowing that they weren’t right, but, became too comfortable, perhaps??? And yet, as the two girls sitting close by her on the trains had their conversations, she’d gotten this wake up call for herself.


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